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Moscow Bolschoi Theater (December 2011)

Moscow Bolschoi Theater

The new Glatter-Götz Organ for the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow has been installed. This instrument which will be mainly used for the opera repertoire will be voiced in 2012.


Sun City West (January 2012)


Sun City West

Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Sun City West, AZ will be the home for our opus 30. This organ with 61 stops/47 ranks on III manuals and more than 2700 pipes will be installed August 2012. The project will be done in collaboration with Manuel Rosales, Rosales Organ Builders, who will be responsible for the tonal design.


Magdeburg (October 2011)



The new organ with 23 ranks for the Magdeburg Cathedral is finished. The inauguration took place October 10, 2011.


House Organ, Moscow (August 2008)


Moscow Hous Organ

For a private residence in Moscow we built an exclusive three-story tall organ and a glass sculpture which lives in the lobby of the house. The project was finished beginning of 2009.


Central United Methodist Church, Phoenix, USA (June 2008)



Our latest project in the US is a large church organ for Central United Methodist Church in Phoenix, AZ in collaboration with Rosales Organ Builders, Los Angeles.

Organ Recital series Walt Disney Concert Hall 2008-2009 (February 2008)


Walt Disney Concert Hall

Organ Recital series Walt Disney Concert Hall 2010-2011

Philharmonic Society, Vitebsk, Republic of Belarus (July 2007)


The organ for the Vitebsk Philharmonic Society is finished. The instrument was presented to the puplic on July 6, 2007 with the President of the Rebulic of Belarus, Alexander Lukaschenko, attending. It is the third organ in a concert Hall in Belarus.

The Exclusive House Organ


The statement made by attractive, contemporary architecture finds its complement in our house organs. Our endeavor to create instruments which express the spirit of the times is in harmony with all aspects of contemporary art - whether music, theatre, painting or sculpture.  [Read more...]

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